SOOM LITE Mixed Fruit

Sold in pack of 6 bottles
- Dhs. -60.00

10 AED per bottle

  • Dhs. 60.00
  • per 6 pack


Sold in packs of 6 bottles

Water, Banana Pulp, Guava Pulp,
Mango Pulp, Mixed Fruit Juice
Concentrates (Apple, Orange,
Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Apricot,
Banana & Lime) Acidity Regulator:
Citric Acid, Konjac Powder, Nature
Identical Fruit Flavours, Antioxidant:
Ascorbic Acid, Preservative: Potassium
Sorbate (E202), Sweeteners: Steviol
Glycosides & Sucralose (50mg/L),
Colour: Beta-Apo- Carotenal (E160 e)

Total Fruit Content: Min 10%.
0.5g Konjac fibre per bottle.
Once Opened Consume Within 3 Days.