HOW TO USE Soom lite

Soom Lite is an award-winning, low-calorie, all-natural, plant-based fruit juice that blunts sugar spikes from food and promotes satiety! It’s from a team that won the InnovateUk Award in the UK with it.

Infused with an EFSA-backed Japanese plant fibre that blunts sugar spikes after food and naturally stimulates the release of GLP-1 hormone from the stomach, Soom Lite gives you a feeling of fullness. When you drink Soom Lite consistently with your meals, you feel full for longer, curbing the need for in-between meal snacks.

GLP-1 hormone has been one of the most talked about topics in the past few months, with Hollywood stars and A-listers joining the trend of using the slimming drugs ozempic and mounjaro because of its jaw-dropping results. The active ingredient in these drugs is a synthetic version of GLP-1 hormone.

Now, you can buy Soom Lite, a vegan GLP-1 booster that works gently and naturally. In our shop, you will find three flavours of Soom Lite (guava, mixed fruit, and orange). You can mix the drinks to create even more flavours! You can drink up to a maximum of 6 Soom Lite bottles per day.

We invite you to drink Soom Lite consistently whilst having your main meals to stay feeling full for longer. In addition, you can enjoy consuming Soom Lite on its own to curb any breakthrough hunger pangs between meals.

In addition, some people find their appetite goes wild in the evenings, and if that’s you, then Soom Lite could be just what you have been waiting for. You can drink Soom Lite with your favourite healthy salad in the evenings to block those hunger pangs and silence the food chatter in your brain.

We all benefit from eating more plant fibre with our meals, as this protects us from the damage of sugar spikes after food. Soom Lite gives you a healthy dose of dense plant fibre that can block sugar absorption and which you cannot get from consuming ordinary salads and vegetables.

If you are on the synthetic GLP-1 drugs ozempic or mounjaro, you benefit from following a healthy diet with Soom Lite as this will boost your natural GLP-1, helping to improve your results and also to restrain your appetite from bouncing back once the drugs start to wear off and stop working. Unfortunately, one of the problems with using GLP-1 drugs is that they frequently stop working after 12- 18 months, and people can regain all the weight as their appetite comes back with a vengeance. That’s where Soom Lite comes in- if you use it alongside a healthy diet, you will have boosted your natural GLP-1 and this will help prevent rebound hunger when the drugs stop working.

Or if you suffer from excessive sugar spikes because of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, diabetes, or high cholesterol, then Soom Lite will help curb sugar rise after food. You have to use the drink consistently with all your meals, consuming up to 6 drinks a day.

Also, as its capable of blunting sugar spikes after food, Soom Lite helps fitness enthusiasts build up muscles more quickly in the gym. Those who go to the gym regularly remember to take their protein shakes but forget that insulin resistance from the rest of their diet will determine how much muscle growth they will see. Soom Lite reduces background insulin resistance to allow muscles to grow faster. Drinking Soom Lite consistently with all your meals will improve insulin resistance more than ordinary salads or vegetables as it’s the most dense natural plant fibre to be found on earth.

Results with Soom Lite can vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle
and dietary habits including drinking habits.

Some people see the benefits from the very first meal with Soom Lite. Others can take at least one week to
see improvements. In all cases, increasing your intake of plant fibre by drinking Soom Lite consistently
with your meals maximises your chances of success.

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  • Only for Adults over 18 years
  • Not for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers

We recommend you talk to your healthcare professional if you take medications or have any medical conditions before starting a new diet.